Hato el Cedral


hato el piñero


Hato El Cedral, Municipio Muñoz, Estado Apure.

(+58) 0426 7460343 

The world-renowned Hato El Cedral (El Cedral ranch), is one of the most beautiful cattle ranches. It is because of its nature reserves, thanks to which tourists enjoy unique landscapes and observe an innumerable quantity of animal species. It provides personalized attention, which is further characterized by the best service, in order for tourists to enjoy to the fullest the experience of being in the Venezuelan plains.

In this sense, El Cedral offers: 

  • 25 comfortable air-conditioned rooms with a TV and a private bathroom.
  • A pool.
  • A dining room, where you can enjoy local and international cuisine.
  • A Caney where you will enjoy a pleasant and familiar atmosphere combined with the rhythm of the Joropo live music.
  • 4 wonderful land routes and a water route to observe the wildlife. 

In these tours you will have the opportunity to enjoy the great natural show offered by the ranch. This area is inhabited by more than 150 species of mammals (capybara, collared anteaters, ant bears, foxes, skunks, deers, cougars, etc.); over 100 reptile species (iguanas, water lizards, snakes, crocodiles, caimans, etc.); and over 250 species of birds (owls, herons, egrets, terns, barn swallows etc.)

Thanks to the high level of conservation and protection of wildlife, animals trust people and get close to them. In fact, they even pose for the pictures. We also offer horseback rides, night safaris, and direct interaction with the baby crocodiles, caimans and turtles at the zoo-nursery, so that you can have an unparalleled adventure at El Cedral.