HOTELS VENETUR | Hoteles Venetur 2013

With a hotel, maritime and commercial platform like no other that operates under quality management indicators, VENETUR has been consolidated in this competitive market with 13 hotels and camp, strategically located in areas of greatest tourist preponderance of the country.

Currently we have 09 hotels located in the category 5 stars, and 03 in level 3-star.

06 hotels located in the greater coastal area of the country, being privileged States: Nueva Esparta (Margarita) and Sucre (Cumaná and Caribbean Sea), Anzoátegui (Puerto La Cruz and Maremares), Falcon (Morrocoy).

03 hotels located in the greater population concentration areas: Caracas and Carabobo (Valencia) and Zulia States (Maracaibo.

02 hotels located in the beautiful area of the mountain, in the States of Merida, (Mérida) and Monagas (Maturín)

01 Hotel and 01 camp located in the emblematic jungle area of Bolivar State.) (Orinoco and Campamento Canaima).

More than 3,800 rooms that currently work on the hotel network, to ensure tourists greater convenience and comfort.

Thanks to these special features, VENETUR ensures the promotion of geographic wonders and the variety of natural wealth, through a scheme of service framed in comfort, safety and excellence in care.